Nicole Carter

This picture sums up the last 25 years of my life. After graduating college, I moved back home and started working at the tall building in the background.

As time progressed, I had many experiences.... →single mom, Salvation (for real), several promotions (front line to AVP), marriage, birth, divorce, depression, backsliding, re-dedication, marriage, teacher, author ← ...

My life was a train wreck!!! Notice the train between the building in the background and where I’m standing. BUT GOD!!! He allowed me to experience alllllll of that to teach me how to ESTABLISH true J.O.Y.

Now it is my God given mission to help women obtain & sustain true J.O.Y. through the proven plan of Jesus Others & You.

Award-Winning Motivational Speaker | author | educator

Establishing J.O.Y. is the vision that God gave Nicole Carter.

Nicole, The Ultimate J.O.Y. Leader, is known as the thermostat that changes the climate of any room. Her contagious smile illustrates the vision that God wants for everyone – true JOY.

Nicole is an award-winning speaker and is a middle school Career and Technical Education teacher with an extensive business, education, and presentation background. She spent 20 years as a leader at a Fortune 200 corporation while teaching as an adjunct professor at local community colleges. She has a bachelor’s degree in Finance and a master's of Business Administration.

She is an author of a unique series of fictional books, an educator of educators, and a life changing speaker.

Nicole is blessed to be married to Pastor Craig Carter who leads Shattered Chains Christian Ministry. Pastor Carter blessed her to share her Teaching gift with the ministry by facilitating Bible Study every Tuesday evening. She birthed two amazing daughters, Courtney & Mikayla. God also saw fit to grant her 7 bonus children and 11 grandchildren.

Most importantly, she loves God and thoroughly enjoys learning & teaching His word. Her upbeat storytelling teaching & coaching techniques will leave a long-lasting impression on YOU and will invoke immediate change.

Are you ready for a change?

Nicole is here to help you obtain and sustain a True JOY Lifestyle!