“The JOY of the Lord is YOUR Strength”

Nehemiah 8:10

The Vision

Establishing J.O.Y. is the vision that God gave Nicole Carter. Jesus, Others, and You is a proven strategy to assist in obtaining and sustaining True JOY!!!

Tune In

Tune in to M☀️RNING J.O.Y. 2.0

Mon-Fri | 6am EST

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See for yourself

“Nicole, the JOY Coach, is one of the best coaches, visionaries, and businesswomen I have interacted with. At a minimum, she brings joy and comfort to those who follow her. Her supportive environments lend themselves to a family feeling of faith-based people who leave better than they came. It’s a pleasure and honor to know Nicole.”

Sharon Shannon

“When God led me to the Establishing J.O.Y. room, it was powerful. Nicole Carter, the speaker, is filled with God’s Joy.”

Salada Mack

J. Romaine

“Nicole, speaks and brings the J.O.Y. to a room where others want to live a J.O.Y. life too! It’s just contagious!!!”
“It has been a true joy working with Mrs. Carter. She is very dependable, energetic, and exudes excellence in all she endeavors. Nicole is definitely chosen for this work and you will truly learn golden nuggets to treasure a lifetime.”

Alicia Sinclair

“Morning J.O.Y. is like peanut to my butter or mac to my cheese! I always leave the room Jovial, Overflowing, Yearning to exceed!”

Dr. Cindy Bailey

Janice Burton

“Nicole is an anointed speaker whose passionate energy is felt from the time she starts to the end. My life has truly been blessed and transformed by her electrifying messages of joy.”
“My experience with Nicole Carter has been amazing. She is absolutely uncommon. She has helped me give new meaning to my joy. The lesson she has taught me is living joyful is a gift from God that I can keep giving to others freely.”

Sheila Bryan

“Nicole motivates you to be a better speaker, orator and lecturer. She helps you become a better YOU!”

Ruth Gadson-Smith

Are you ready for a change?

Nicole is here to help you obtain and sustain a True JOY Lifestyle!

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